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Playazon "Hands-Free" Merkin Flashlight
Playazon Hands-Free Merkin Flashlight

The perfect marriage of form and function - our Merkin Flashlight helps leave something to the imagination as well as providing hands free illumination. This three-bulb, ultra-bright L.E.D. light provides three levels of constant light output and two blinking "lure" modes. The pivoting lamp head allows you to shine light exactly where you want. Comes with two fun-fur hair pieces (anatomical pink and arctic white) and five strips of Opti-Tape 42*, an extended wear toupee tape that provides up to six weeks of continuous adhesion per application. L.E.D. light runs on three AAA alkaline batteries (included.)

Merkin Flashlight    $45   
Opti-Tape 42 Refill - 5 Strips $7

* Opti-Tape 42 provides best adhesion and most comfortable attachment when applied to bare skin.

WARNING: We strongly advise NOT to use this tape as an impromptu waxing substitute - IT CAN REMOVE MORE THAN JUST YOUR HAIR!

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